An encounter ‘across the channel’: Baroque & Minimalist Music (’50/50′)

Wednesday Concert: Le Concert de l'Hostel Dieu

This is the Ludlow leg of a short UK tour by the acclaimed French baroque ensemble to celebrate the release of its 50/50 album on Apathé.

Le Concert de L’Hostel Dieu are a world-class ensemble from France. Predominantly playing 17th Century instruments and Baroque (17thC) music like Purcell, this new album named 50/50 is a crossover with inspiration and influences from as wide a spectrum of genres as techno, alternative pop and contemporary rock. Think; French/English, Baroque/Contemporary and be prepared to be absorbed.

They describe it as having commissioned ‘a new early music’ with a strong sense of rhythm, this will be an exciting, vibrant and tuneful concert.

Organically and creatively making use of instruments such as the ‘Oboe d’armour (Oboe of love), Thiorbot (a large lute-like instrument) and harpsichord this expressive and exciting programme is one really not to miss.
The award-winning French composer, David Chalmin, has composed four pieces in response to the music of Purcell, while Martyn Harry, Oxford University’s Professor of Composition, has composed four pieces in response to the music of Lully – to form a thrilling intersection of English and French early and contemporary music.

Since its inception, Le Concert de l’Hostel Dieu has been a major player in the French Baroque scene. The set is distinguished by a sensitive and dynamic approach to interpretation of the vocal and instrumental repertoire of the 18th century, promoting systematically an historical and philological approach