Cine 16-30 Guest Blog Post – Elizabeth

As part of our Cine 16-30 project, we are inviting members to write reviews or commentaries about films they have seen or are excited to see that are available to see here over the next month or so. Our first guest is Elizabeth and she’s super excited about Lady Bird which looks set to make waves for director Greta Gerwig at this year’s Academy Awards:

“For me, the cinema at the Assembly Rooms in Ludlow has changed the face of rural movie viewing, offering a diverse program of films. Especially with its new Cine 16-30 programme, which offers something new for younger adults as well as giving them the chance to see films that would not necessarily be shown at other cinema venues.

Probably the biggest film I’m looking forward to seeing on the big screen at the Assembly Rooms is Greta Gerwig’s critically acclaimed directorial debut, Lady Bird. The comedy drama, which won big at this year’s Golden Globes, is the coming-of-age story of Sacramento teenager Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson, who is in her final year of high school, and is about to start applying to colleges.

In a time where female writers and directors are making big strides in the film industry, it’s great to see a film such as this come to Ludlow. Particularly one that is such a perfect choice for both young people and adults alike.”

Thanks Elizabeth. If you’re interested in joining Cine 16-30 and becoming a guest blogger please visit our Cine 16-30 page for more information.