Cine 16-30 Terms & Conditions

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· 2 standard tickets for the price of one standard ticket are valid for Cine 16-30 members only.

· Members must register online in order to utilise this offer to them.

· Both ticketholders must be aged between 16 and 30 – please note: 16 and 30 are included and are eligible.

· Membership expires on the holder's 31st Birthday.

· The offer is only valid on films marked with the Cine 16-30 logo on our online listings and brochure.

· Members must collect a membership card and show proof of age upon collection.

· Staff may ask for proof of age from both the membership holder and their guest at any time.

· This offer is not valid for people younger than 16 or older than 30.

· Film certification guidelines still apply – you must be aged 18 or older to see an 18 cert film.

· The Cine 16-30 membership card is not proof of age.

· Ludlow Assembly Rooms have the right to revoke your membership at any time.

· When you sign-up for membership you consent to receiving newsletters and communications related to the Cine 16-30 scheme.

· You will not be contacted or sent promotional materials non-related to the Cine 16-30 scheme without your prior consent.