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Workshop for Women: Menopause Relief

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This is part of a series of three 3-hourly workshops from the YES Vitality Programme.

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Menopause Relief Workshop are for women in their 40's and 50's who are looking for relief from hot flushes. 

Are you struggling with hot flushes that feel like a volcano erupting?
Waking in the middle of the night drenched in rivers of sweat?
How would it feel to be able to control those hot flushes?
Would you like to manage your hot flushes naturally and feel empowered?

This workshop is an introduction to the Menopause Relief Programme where we shall discover new techniques to help you with your hot flushes.

    Lulu West is a Well-Being Therapist and has been working with men and women since 2003 when she first started working as a Food Intolerance Therapist as a therapist and speaker on Nutrition and Health. She uses a variety of different methods in her practise and now specialises in her YES Vitality Programme for women in their 40’s and 50’s. She has run weight loss groups, and helped many men and women over the years. However, it wasn't always that way and she was once like many of her clients. Her programmes are ideal for women in their 40's and 50's who are looking for specialist and transformational mentoring programmes to believe in themselves again to feel lighter, happier and energised, and to reclaim their mojo back.

    “I strongly believe that all women should have the opportunity to have a voice, AND the strength to facilitate change in their life. To learn how to make better choices and to Reclaim Their Mojo. Be it their weight, health, sleep, menopause, confidence, lifestyle and To Be the Leading Lady in Their Life.”

    “I had a couple of sessions with Lulu and found them very beneficial. I was struggling with anxiety and finding sleep a problem and she helped me to unclutter myself before bedtime to switch my head off! Still following her advice now!"

    “… throughout the entire process I was completely at ease with Lulu and found it quite easy to talk to her about something which I don't talk to many people about at all. Lulu explained to me in full how the sessions would go and that I could stop at any time, having everything explained to me before I turned up for my first session made me feel much more comfortable because I knew what to expect. My first session was such an amazing experience, Lulu had created a wonderfully relaxing environment and I noticed that I was more excited than nervous. After the session I felt refreshed but totally relaxed… “
    If you prefer an alternative day please let me know as alternative dates can be booked.

    This workshop is part of a series of three 3-hourly workshops from the YES Vitality Programme. The 3 workshops are:-
    Menopause Relief Saturday 28/10/17 10am-1pm
    Sleep and Thrive Saturday 11/11/17 10am-1pm
    Beating Sugar Addiction Saturday 6/1/18 10am-1pm

    You can book one workshop, two, or three… whichever suits you best. Each workshop has a different subject, however all workshops theme together.

    £30.00 per person per workshop
    £55.00 per person if you book 2 workshops at the same time
    £80.00 per person if you book 3 workshops at the same time

     Limited to 12 people including refreshments

    Earlier Event: 27 October
    The Limehouse Golem (15)