The Naked Dietician: Lucy Aphramor

The Naked Dietitian is a one-woman, many-voices wake-up call. It is urgent, heart-breaking poetry, marrying outrage and despair delivered with disturbing vibrancy. It incites us to question everything we thought we knew about public health, personal history and value-free science and there is no escaping its physicality. Listening is a visceral experience – the words muscle in, get under-your-skin and land in your face. And they are also liminal and hinting, as the audience we find ourselves unwitting voyeurs shaken by witnessing the hidden and hard-to-pin-downable sides of life. There is often a sense of something sinister just beyond reach and yet the performance is above all bold and hopeful as The Naked Dietitian animates us with her lust for language and justice and her provocative passion for life. 

“A performance tour-de-force from Lucy Aphramor the literary lovechild of Allen Ginsberg and Jeanette Winterson” (Broadway Baby).

This event is held at the Women's Room as part of Ludlow Fringe Festival 2017.  Tickets are £10 / £5 concession.