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Vertigo (PG)


Dismissed when first released yet later heralded as one of director Alfred Hitchcock’s  finest  films this adaptation of the French novel D’entre Les Morts weaves an intricate web of obsession and deceit.

James Stewart plays ex-cop Scottie, invalided out of the police due to vertigo brought on by a traumatic and shaming calamity during a roof top chase. He is hired by old schoolfriend Gavin Elster (Tom Helmore) for a strange job: to shadow his beautiful and enigmatic wife Madeline (Kim Novak) whose behaviour is worrying him. This bizarre situation unlocks lonely Scottie’s gallantry and romanticism and he falls passionately in love with this mysterious, troubled woman with her quiet, wondering voice and the manner of a sleepwalker.

Supported by Bernard Herrmann’s hypnotic score and the grand cityscapes of San Francisco, Vertigo takes the audiences through twists and turns, challenging their preconceptions about the characters and events.

60 years a er it’s original release, Vertigo is an unpredictable scary thriller that doubles as a mournful meditation on love, loss, and human comfort.

“Hitchcock’s masterpiece, rereleased a er 60 years, combines his  air for psychological shocks with a genius for dapper stylishness.”
The Guardian

This event is screened in Oscars and spaces are limited, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Later Event: 20 October
Galin Ganchev, piano