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Zama (15)


Zama is the story of Diego de Zama, an 18th century administrator in the service of imperial Spain, whose courageous exploits in battle long ago won him a sinecure as a magistrate in the brutally remote outpost of what is now Asunción, on the Paraguay River. Now he waits endlessly, frantically, desperately for news of the more glamorous and prestigious posting he once assumed would quickly follow and that would reunite him with his wife and children, left behind years before in Buenos Aires.

Horror and despair hover just out of the frame of Lucrecia Martel’s mysterious and dreamlike movie. Adapted from the 1956 novel by the Argentinian author Antonio di Benedetto, Zama, with its eerie andante tempo and period setting, returns Martel to her themes of guilt, sex and shame whilst giving her ideas a new theatrical and formal grandeur 

“Lucrecia Martel emerges from the wilderness with a strange, sensual wonder” - The Guardian

This event is screened in Oscars and spaces are limited, so please book early to avoid disappointment.