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Arcadia Music Festival at The Methodist Church Ludlow


This year's "Fête Anniversaire” celebrates 10 years of Arcadia and the 70th birthday of co-founder Eleanor Alberga. The 4-concert Festival includes several of Eleanor's compositions and highlights major works performed at Arcadia over the past 9 years.

Performed by an ensemble of internationally acclaimed musicians.

Full Festival details are available at the Arcadia Music Festival website:

Friday 4th October 3:00 pm The Methodist Church Ludlow

An in-depth fully illustrated talk examining the music of Schoenberg, Messiaen and Shostakovich at this year’s Arcadia

Tickets are £10 (Under 16’s go free)

A Full Festival Pass will cost £50 and get you a ticket for each of the 5 Arcadia Music Festival 2019 events. Only available to purchase until 31 July 2019.