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The Mysterious Tale of George Eliot

Photographer J . Brockelsby. / model Julie Thursham

Photographer J . Brockelsby. / model Julie Thursham

Who was Mary Ann and who is George Eliot?

A one woman performance by an Actress and a Storyteller revealing the mysterious tale of George Eliot. A performance to un mask the woman behind the name .

George Eliot’s life story is as dramatic and challenging as her own novels, and equally as intriguing and inspiring as her own story lines. George Eliot, alias Mary Ann Evans, plays both the protagonist and the antagonist in her own life story .

We see her growing up and finding the courage to step outside the normal path of women her own age and class, as she challenges the status quo, and goes against the world around her. So determined was George Eliot to fulfil her destiny, that she bravely faced the consequences and wrath from both family and society. Her novels were just the tip of the iceberg, to the real life drama going on inside her own life.

Her Novels in themselves are ‘Treasure Chests’ of so many jewels and gems about life to share with an audience. They cover a wide perspective from birth to death; and touch upon the various subjects of politics and religion, wealth and social reality, idealism and vanity, rejection and disappointment, with jealousy and deceit rivalling romance and honesty .

Her writing is unique in comparison to her previous female writers, and even the male, as there is a more hard hitting realism and an attempt to show how real people react to real situations and circumstances, rather than how characters in novels react to situations. She deals with the ‘unpleasantness’ about life and people. None of her characters are perfect, there is always some defect, just like real people in real life . She exposes the hypocrisy behind the facades of societies and institutions. George Eliot carry’s the torch for her future female and even male writers and playwrights , as well as marking out a new road and territory on the map for women, and their place in society.

Battling through all the anger and condemnations, George Eliot was eventually respected in her own right, as a woman of intellect and a woman of letters, and eventually gained the accolade as one of the most outstanding English novelists, as well as the most outstanding female novelist.

This event is held at Ludlow Library.
Tickets cost £6.50 and is suitable for ages 12+