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Black 47 (15)

Irish film-maker Lance Daly has taken on the great famine of the 19th century, and its worst year, the “Black ’47”, drawing from it an intestine- snappingly brutal movie that you could call revenge horror, or revenge western.

Australian actor James Frecheville gives a coldly terrifying performance as Feeney, a battle- hardened Irishman who deserts from the British army and returns to his homeland to discover the truth about how his family have been tyrannised and allowed to die in squalor and misery. Feeney embarks on a relentless quest to get even with the powers-that-be who have wronged both his family and his country.

On his trail is a once disgraced English soldier -turned-policeman, Hannah (Hugo Weaving) whose own loyalties may be more complex than they appear.

“A contradictory a air, ‘Black ’47’ offers escapist entertainment even as it touches on the very grimmest of subject matter” ****
The Independent

This event is screened in Oscars and spaces are limited, so please book early to avoid disappointment.