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The Ladykillers - A Life More Ordinary

The 'A Life More Ordinary' screenings take place in a relaxed atmosphere where people are welcome to move around and come and go as they please.

Music Professor Marcus (Alec Guinness) rents a London flat from sweet old Mrs Wilberforce (Katie Johnson). He tells her that, from time to time, several other musicians will visit in order to rehearse. In truth, Guinness can't play a note, nor can his visitors: he's a criminal mastermind, holding court over a gang of thieves, including the likes of punkish Harry (Peter Sellers), homicidal Louis (Herbert Lom) and punchdrunk One-Round (Danny Green). The gang uses Professor Marcus' flat as headquarters as they conceive a daring £60,000 robbery.

After pulling off the job, the gang stuffs the loot in a railway station locker. To avoid detection, Marcus convinces the ever-trusting Mrs Wilberforce to pick up the money. Through a series of comic complications she returns home with a police escort, with neither the woman nor the police suspecting that she's carrying a fortune in her suitcase. Mistakenly believing that Mrs Wilberforce has ratted on them, the gang reluctantly plans to eliminate her.

Often referred to as the greatest crime caper film of all time, The Ladykillers won an Oscar nomination for William Rose's screenplay, and a BFA award for veteran character actress Johnson.

The film starts at 2pm and costs £5 entry (Carers go FREE).

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