2017 Lectures

Membership is £40 per member for the 8 lectures. Guests are charged at £8 each.

All lectures begin at 2.15pm in the Auditorium

Wednesday 20 September
Eric Ravilious: A Life in Pictures
James Russell

James is a historian, writer, lecturer and advocate of 20th C painting and design. Eric Ravilious (1903 - 42) is emerging as one of the inest British watercolourists of the 20th C.
Wednesday 18 October
The Silver Thread: Silver Filigree and traditional Arts is Kosovo
Elizabeth Gowing

Elizabeth is a teacher who has become immersed in Kosovoan cultural heritage and is a writer and broadcaster.
Wednesday 15 November
Indians, Buffalo and storms: The American West in Nineteenth Century Art
Toby Faber

Toby is a businessman and publisher, turned writer and lecturer. He returns to narrate the 19th C migration into the American West, revealed in paintings by artists who followed it.


Wednesday 17 January 2018
The Dance Macabre
Maureen Schild

Maureen is interested in the links between Art, Psychology and Creativity, and has studied their psychological significance in the life and work of artists. She returns to trace the evolution of the Danse Macabre from the medieval church yard to its secularisation in the woodcuts of Hans Holbein and to the social and political satire of Rowlandson.