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Listed below are the details for the following U3A meetings  

Jonathan Wood
27 February 2017

“The Enigma of St Thomas’s Chapel, Ludlow”

Jonathan is a full-time writer, architectural historian and town guide in Ludlow, who has extensively researched St Thomas’ Chapel, a building which has seen many changes in its long history and is now a private house.  It is the oldest building in Ludlow outside the castle. Jonathan’s research has raised many interesting questions which will feature in his talk.  The owner of the Chapel, Camilla Caldwell, has kindly agreed to open up the Chapel at the end of the talk providing a rare opportunity for members to view it.

Stephen Richardson
24 April 2017

“William Powell Frith”

Stephen is an art historian and a guide at both the Royal Academy of Arts and the V&A in London.  

William Powell Frith was an eminent Victorian painter of celebrated panoramas of modern life.  His large canvasses, crowded with figures and incidents and portraying people from all walks of life, were a sensation in their day and his work “Derby Day” remains as popular today. He has been described as the greatest British painter of the social scene since Hogarth.

Stephen's talk culminates with an examination of what is perhaps his most fascinating work “A Private View at the Royal Academy. 1881 – a satirical extravaganza targeting fashion and high society in Victorian London

Andy Smith
22 May 2017 

"Life in the Music"

Andy, who comes from Rugby and has spoken to many U3As, is a singer/song writer and multi-instrumentalist with a dry sense of humour. He will be bringing along a car full of instruments (guitars, mandolin, ukulele to name but a few) and explain a bit about them. Expect a humorous and entertaining talk with nostalgic anecdotes guaranteed to send you home smiling

Sally Joyner
26 June 2017

“Coping with Hearing Loss”

Sally’s interest in hearing loss began when she attended a school which had a special unit for deaf children.  The interest continued when, in the course of employment, she needed to communicate with two profoundly deaf employees.  She learned British Sign Language and has since qualified as a teacher of lip - reading.

Sally’s talk will explain how the ear works and the different forms of hearing loss.  She will then describe how hearing impaired people and non hearing impaired people can communicate more effectively.

Mike Smith
25 September 2017

“Going viral”

Mike has worked as a desktop support analyst and computer trouble-shooter for large corporations in the UK and abroad.  In his presentation he will reveal the truth about computer viruses, banish fears of computer technology and show how to laugh at computer confidence tricksters.  A must, surely, for those coming to computers later in life.

Ian Cuskie
30 October 2017

"Restoration of the SS Great Britain"

SS Great Britain, a Brunel designed steamship, the first with an iron hull and the first driven by a propeller, was launched in 1843.  It was the largest and fastest afloat and transformed ship building and sea travel for ever.
Ian’s presentation tells the story of its original design through the different phases of its working life and its incredible salvage and return to Bristol in 1970.  It has been restored, preserved and “re-launched” as a multi-award winning museum of international renown.