Selina talks about why she’s taking a BIG jump!

Why are you raising money for Ludlow Assembly Rooms?
Some people may not realise but LAR is actually a charity, which means it operates differently to other “theatres” you might visit. Whilst being a central location for your film, music, theatre and comedy needs in Ludlow, it also works hard to bring accessibility to the community, working on projects either independently or in partnership and offer services that improve the education, health and well-being of others. All of this, plus Ludlow being in such a rural location, means losing LAR will have a huge impact on what’s available in the area.

I don’t think I’m wrong when I say that everyone benefits from Ludlow Assembly Rooms and we need to offer them support where we can.

You used to be the Marketing & Publicity Officer for Ludlow Assembly Rooms – what was it like to work there?
I LOVED it. It is because of my time there that I’ve been able to progress in my career, and for that I’m extremely grateful.

There is an exceptionally small and hardworking team, plus MANY volunteers, scurrying behind those doors to keep the operation of Ludlow Assembly Rooms running smoothly. If you ever pop into the main office, you will always be welcomed with a smile – and they’ll probably offer you some cake too.

Being in the position I was, I was fortunate to see just how pivotal LAR is to the town. It is so important that we raise this money, as it not only helps the charity financially but hopefully raises awareness of how such an organisation is a huge benefit the town and community.

What will the sponsorship go towards?
Ludlow Assembly Rooms is going through a very exciting phase and is under-going a huge transformation that will see lots of changes – including the location of the front door! Each txt donation will bring us one brick closer to completing the project and will go a long way in supporting the arts centre keeping films, live streams and acts flourishing in Ludlow for many decades to come.

Have you ever gone skydiving before?
No, I have NEVER gone sky diving, ever. In fact, I haven’t done any extreme sports and so I have absolutely no idea what’s to come. But I imagine that jumping out of a plane will be a life-changing experience.

How can people Sponsor you?
Sponsoring this event is easy and can be done on your phone with no set-up required. All you have to do is TEXT: SELI18 £5 to 70070