The Future Ludlow Assembly Rooms

The Long awaited Transformation of the Assembly Rooms is underway! 

With £1,639,506 funding already secured towards the capital project our fundraising efforts inch us ever closer to the £1.8m figure that will enable us to deliver the Capital Project

When we relaunch next Spring you will find a new auditorium with raked seating and state of the art air conditioning; an entrance off Castle Square, with a new integrated box office and visitor information facility, a reliable and handsome new lift; all wrapped in a building which has been upgraded to the most modern standards in energy efficiency.  You can help us reach this target by:

All money raised through these fundraising efforts will support these works. For more information about the project please follow this link.

If our dreams are realised by spring 2019 not only will we have delivered the Capital Project but also raised additional funds for a new café bar, some glitzy finishing touches and perhaps even that cherry on the cake - a second cinema screen.
Thank you for your support. 

Cash and cheque donations are welcomed at box office and in the office!