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Art exhibitions on display at Ludlow Assembly Rooms

A programme of exhibitions featuring work by regional artists – displaying the rich diversity and creative talent in the area.

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Jane Keay – The Light Changes

26 January – 16 March 2024

I am a professional, self trained artist and illustrator, a Shropshire lass, born and brought up in Ironbridge, by my grandparents,far too many years ago to remember!

I have the most wonderful memories as a child spending glorious days in the huge garden my grandfather tended carefully with love and patience, allowing me to watch Mother Nature in the raw, planting minuscule seeds and watching them grow into flowers and food for our table.

I am told that I spent hours in the sand pile, armed only with a wooden stick, drawing flowers, birds, sun and moons. It did not take long to continue my obsession with pens, pencils, paints, and any paper I could get my hands on!

Some years older, with no formal training at all, my obsession/ hobby became my saving grace when entering careers in teaching, social work, petrol pump attendant, leading groups of Borstal boys with the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust in laying a train track and even training in The Feathers as a silver service waitress! and much more. But, all the time keeping sketch books and, eventually, teaching art and in my later years becoming a full time artist and illustrator, in fact, I cannot not draw and paint as it has become part of my being and my spirit.

All my works are inspired by my interaction, spiritually with nature itself. I am a very lucky woman to know what this inspiration feels like and I hope that you can see this in my ink drawings and watercolours…….

Jane Keay Fox in Snow

Jane Keay Hares

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